Car and Three Windows

May 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

On a short visit to Ottawa, IL, I noticed a shiny black sedan parked close to an old brick building with three windows. I thought it had potential for an interesting urban contrast. When I checked the photo on my computer, I liked the composition - it was somewhat underexposed and dull, but had potential. So I started by making basic adjustments in LR 4.4 (minor crop and lighting) and then switched to NIK ColorEfex 4 where the tonal contrast filter brought the whole image to life and the polarization filter cut glare from the car's surface. A little additional adjustment in Lightroom brought this result:

Three Windows & Car I like the stucture and the snappy colour, but the walls battle somewhat with the car and windows for my attention. Next I tried a black and white version using SilverEfex Pro 2.

Car&Three Windows Now the effect is reversed in the the wall provides a textured base for the objects. However, I decided to restore a little colour by using LR 4.4's split toning module to this effect. As always preference is a personal matter.

Car&Three Windows-2




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