Courtenay Estuary - a Sunny November Day

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I love November light in northern latitudes, whether grey or sunny skies predominate. In the last few days the sun has been dancing on the waters of the Courtenay estuary. I have been enjoying the views on both sides. The first group of shots were taken in late morning, sometimes directly into the sun as in this initial posting:

The heron's perchThe heron's perch I had no long telephoto at hand to get closer to the heron who is perched on a chunk of driftwood in the centre right. I have recently been experimenting with Topaz Textures, a quick and flexible means of providing a more radical interpretation of the subjects. Here a second shot, taken with the full sun just out of the frame illustrates what I have been trying to achieve.

Estuary Lookout 4Estuary Lookout 4

Several times in this morning excursion, something startled the ducks close to the wildlife observational area and they rose quickly on mass before settling down again. 

[Technical Note: I used my Olympus EM-1 set to low ISO (100) with manual exposure, usually adjusted one stop under the recommended meter level. This worked well in maximizing detail while avoiding the blown highlights that sometimes occur because of the reduced dynamic range at the Low ISO setting.]

Estuary Lookout 13Estuary Lookout 13 The observation deck provides a good view of Golden Hinde mountain  and its glacier to the west of Courtenay. It looks quite close but is actually in the centre of Vancouver Island.

Estuary Lookout 34Estuary Lookout 34 In the afternoon, close to sunset, I walked along the riverway path on the Courtenay side. The light was now much warmer as in this view with Comox harbour in the distance and in the following image looking towards Denman and Hornby Islands. 

Estuary West ShoreEstuary West Shore

Estuary West Shore 10Estuary West Shore 10 By this time the sun had already dropped behind the mountains to the west. Estuary West Shore 18Estuary West Shore 18

There was still ample light reflecting from the water, e.g., where these ducks swam close to the path.

Estuary West Shore 21Estuary West Shore 21 In some areas the water was reflecting the colours of sunset. This gull took in the show.

Estuary West Shore 23Estuary West Shore 23 To see all 24 photos in this set, you can check out the slideshow:


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