Campbell River - Before and After Sunset

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It had been raining frequently most of the week and I had not expected our CVPS shoot at Campbell River to be a success on the night of Friday, 27th March. However, there was a pause in the rain between 6 and 9 p.m. The first shot below was taken at Discovery Pier about half an hour before sunset - overcast and low light. The perspective and leading lines are meant to draw your eye to the central part of the distant horizon, but I like to return to the foreground portion of the breakwater.

Campbell River EveningCampbell River Evening

Soon the sun was close to the horizon and parts of the sky were turning orange-yellow. In the distance the rain clouds were still evident.

Last LightLast Light

After sunset, I was excited to find an area under the pier through which boats were visible, lit by the harbour lamps. I took quite a few shots at ISO 200 (base for the Olympus EM-1) and they looked good on the back screen. However, I had forgotten that even a slight swell would move the boats and so the images were too soft to be usable, except for the one below. In situations like this, it is necessary to keep the shutter speed up and raise ISO as necessary. 

Campbell River EveningCampbell River Evening

I moved to the downtown area a little later and took several shots close to the Tidemark Theatre and the library. I was fortunate that a single person took a smoking break and added interest to this shot.

Campbell River EveningCampbell River Evening

Finally, I used Topaz Glow brilliant feather #3 with intensity reduced to make a bright, electrified closing image. 


You can check all the shots in the slideshow:


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