Patterns - Constructed and Natural

May 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I enjoy contributing to the weekly theme for photographs at the Flickr Lounge. Yesterday, I realized I had done nothing for this week's patterns theme. At first, nothing came to mind. I muttered to myself that there must be something around the apartment that would do. What is a pattern anyway? A regular repetition of shapes or lines, decorative design that is not necessarily regular but still repetitive, something like that. Then the question arises as to how to make an interesting picture and that I may not have solved. However, I grabbed my Olympus and quickly found patterns around me. I tried to add interest by combining patterns - in camera, not by compositing, though that would be a good approach. I also contributed to some structural patterns by how I framed the image - e.g., the bricks and paving images. After a few minutes I had a range of patterns from inside. Then I decided to head out. There was much patterning, beginning with our building and along the path through Millard Creek. After an hour, I had 88 images of natural and humanly constructed patterns. I've selected the best of them in this slideshow.


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