Urban Shopping Contrast

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Last week I was in Vancouver metro region and enjoyed a number of opportunities for street photography using my Olympus EM-1. In reviewing my shots I was struck by the contrast between Granville Island market, close to the downtown core, and Guildford Town Centre, the giant new shopping mall in suburban Surrey. Granville is a popular destination for tourists and area residents with most businesses owned by small local companies whereas the mall houses department stores and well known national or international companies. This first image shows the setting of Granville Island looking towards the downtown area.

Granville 1107Granville 1107

On a warm May day, many people strolled the island where several street musicians were always performing as in this image of an outstanding according player. He was smiling even before I purchased his DVD.

Granville 1122Granville 1122

Others took lunch in the sun or turned to their cell phones. With the 12-40 mm lens I felt comfortable and fairly unobtrusive taking shots like this when to ask permission would spoil the situation. 

Granville 1120Granville 1120

Inside the market the combination of products and people was really colourful. However, I also find the simplifying effect of black and white is well suited to these occasions as in the following example:

Granville 1114Granville 1114 Granville 1115Granville 1115 I was astonished to observe this incredible art work at the cement factory that also stands on the island along with Emily Carr art school and some businesses that have little to do with the tourist trade.

Granville 1117Granville 1117

The Guildford town centre is a different world, but I also enjoyed its modern architecture such as the red curves in this image. I visited at a quiet time, which was less than ideal for candid photography (I felt too visible), but better for the buildings themselves.

Guildford 1128Guildford 1128 Perhaps this pair were unconnected hockey fans or just two guys avoiding the stores.

Guildford 1132Guildford 1132 Finally a top down view of the interior;

Guildford 1133Guildford 1133 To see the full set of images check the source gallery or this slideshow:



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