Topaz Glow 2 at Deep Bay, BC

August 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am continuing my experience with Topaz filters. Here I present some results of using the recently released Glow 2 presets. Glow 2 expands the number of presets and introduces a much wider range of blend modes. In some cases I change the blend mode of the preset and make other adjustments to taste - usually  reducing the strength of the filter. In this collection I show the conventionally edited image before or after the Glow versions. I don't always prefer the Topaz effect. 

The original images are, to my taste, acceptably composed documentary shots of the harbour at Deep Bay. Although there is no point in taking a poorly structured photography and applying filters to it, I believe the Glow filters can make an image more interesting and more attractive - even if that change is merely decorative rather than carrying a message. To see the filter used, you can go to the gallery and check the subtitles - 


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