I truly enjoyed looking at your photography. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
18.Ernst Vegt(non-registered)
Great photos of the snow on the Riverwalk, Peter. I especially enjoy #10. It's wonderful how snow simplifies the landscape.
I love the photo you took of me. Really outstanding! Thank you...from the woman in the blue hat, next to the great horned owl
16.Clay Schnurr(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing. Love the cars!
15.Fran E Martin(non-registered)
Again, a beautiful set of photographs. I love the beautiful colours . Thanks for sharing
14.Janet Woods(non-registered)
Thanks so much for taking my birthday pictures Peter! A fabulous way for me to remember a special day!
12.Brian Lynch(non-registered)
Wonderful photos of your visit to Ayrshire, Peter! I particularly like those taken in Alloway which are very, very good!
11.Clay Schnurr(non-registered)
Thank you for the view of your Ashbury farm album.
I especially like the portrait of Joann.
9.Jahn Petter Johnsen(non-registered)
Great pictures! Thank you for inviting me!
8.Dave Dueck(non-registered)
I will keep coming back and checking out the obvious enjoyment and talent you show in your images Peter...you are obviously very active in your retirement and in your capturing your world as you see it now in such vision and splendor!
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