From the mid-1950s until his unexpected death in 2005, Jimmy Smith played a soulful, swinging mix of blues and jazz on the Hammond B-3 organ. He influenced numerous jazz players past and present. On 8 May 2014, the audience at the Avalanche in Courtenay, BC, were treated to a rousing performance of music associated with Jimmy Smith in the Georgia Straight Jazz Society’s series. The Jimmy Smith Tribute Band featured Marty Steele on keyboard, Andrew Janusson on guitar, Larry Miller on tenor saxophone and James McRae on drums. All played to the highest standard and received a standing ovation. I have tried to capture the flavour of the event in the first three photographs of Marty taken in less than a minute towards the end of the second set. Feel the enthusiasm.
Happy EndingA finishing flourishJimmy Smith Tribute 20Jimmy Smith Tribute 19The Rhythm of the MusicJimmy Smith Tribute 18Jimmy Smith Tribute 17Jimmy Smith Tribute 16Jimmy Smith Tribute 15-EditJimmy Smith Tribute-3What's happening?Jimmy Smith Tribute 4-2Jimmy Smith Tribute 13Jimmy Smith Tribute 12Jimmy Smith Tribute 3-2Checking the score.Jimmy Smith Tribute 10Not quite invisible... Protected by the keyboards and standsit was hard to catch Marty's flying fingers