Starved Rock State Park is a gem to the southwest of Chicago with wonderful rock formations, streams and waterfalls. I always try to work in a visit when in the area. These images come from two day trips in late March, 2013.
Starved Rock 0313-4Starved Rock 0313-5Starved Rock 0313-6Starved Rock 0313-7Starved Rock 0313-8Starved Rock 0313-9Starved Rock 0313-10Starved Rock 0313-11Starved Rock 0313-12Starved Rock 0313-13Starved Rock 0313-14Starved Rock 0313-15Starved Rock 0313-16Starved Rock 0313-18Starved Rock 0313-19Starved Rock 0313-20Starved Rock 0313-21Starved Rock 0313-22Starved Rock 0313-23Starved Rock 0313-24