Montreuil-Bellay is a lovely town in Angers, France. This set stresses windows and doors; it is also predominately black and white. For those who are interested in the technical aspects, all photos were taken with a Fuji X20 and processed in Capture One 7.
Montreuil BellayMontreuil Bellay-2Montreuil Bellay-3Montreuil Bellay-4Montreuil Bellay-5Montreuil Bellay-6Montreuil Bellay-7Montreuil Bellay-8Montreuil Bellay-9Montreuil Bellay-10Montreuil Bellay-11Montreuil Bellay-12Montreuil Bellay-13Montreuil Bellay-14Montreuil Bellay-15Montreuil Bellay-16Montreuil Bellay-17Montreuil Bellay-18Montreuil Bellay-19Montreuil Bellay-20