The struggle is between the force of life as represented in the new plants and the force of death as represented by the rusting vehicles. Thanks to Bill Jorgensen for setting up this visit to Shields. I have been there a number of times and always took a macro approach. This time I used only my 35 mm lens and decided that all photos would include the early summer plants as well as the vehicles scattered around the field.
Shields StruggleShields StruggleShields Struggle - 15Shields Struggle-2Shields Struggle-3Shields Struggle-4Shields Struggle-5Shields Struggle-6Shields Struggle-8Shields Struggle-9Shields Struggle-10Shields Struggle-11Shields Struggle-12Shields Struggle-13Shields Struggle-14Shields Struggle-16Shields Struggle-17Shields Struggle-18Shields Struggle-19Shields Struggle-20