The Avalanche was overflowing for the concert in tribute to Len Wilkie and the audience enjoyed an evening of music associated with Len. As the Georgia Straight's website put it: "The “Lensmen” for the evening [were] Al West on Bass, Jake Masri on Trumpet, Mike Eddy on Piano, Greg (Doc) Sumner on Trumpet and Banjo, Bill Street on drums and Ralph Barrat on vocals... [Other groups were} “Velvet Swing” with Brent Hart on Piano, Kate Morrison on vocals and Michael Schwartz on Sax; “Silk Pajamas” with Danny Bereza on Guitar, Ian Parsons on Flugelhorn and Ann Johnstone on vocals; “Indigo Jazz” with Dale Graham on vocals and Rick Husband on Guitar." Neil Clark (drums) and Don MacKay (bass) played with several groups.
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