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In June 2015 the photography display comprises 23 images by five photographers that cover various musicians who have played at the Avalanche in Courtenay. All these performances were organized by the Georgia Straight Jazz Society. These photographs cover the opening evening on 5th July when Bill Street, Don MacKay and Mike Eddy played fitting music for the occasion.
Jazz at Rhodos 1650Jazz at Rhodos 1649Jazz at Rhodos 1647Jazz at Rhodos 1645Jazz at Rhodos 1643Jazz at Rhodos 1642Jazz at Rhodos 1635Jazz at Rhodos 1641Jazz at Rhodos 1640Jazz at Rhodos 1638Jazz at Rhodos 1628Jazz at Rhodos 1637Jazz at Rhodos 1636Jazz at Rhodos 1633Jazz at Rhodos 1632Jazz at Rhodos 1631Jazz at Rhodos 1629Jazz at Rhodos 1627Jazz at Rhodos 1626Rhodos Jazz 1681

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