This gallery draws from two winter visits to Tyee Spit at the mouth of the Campbell River, central Vancouver Island. The first, with Tony Gusman, was on a cold but sunny day in January, while the second, with the the Comox Valley Camera Club, took place on a rainy March morning. This is a useful source for Spit history, especially as a seaplane base:
Tyee SpitTyee Spit-2Tyee Spit-3Tyee Spit-4Tyee Spit-5Tyee Spit-6Tyee Spit-7Tyee Spit-8Tyee Spit-9Tyee Spit-10Tyee Spit-11Tyee Spit-12Tyee Spit-13Tyee Spit-14Tyee Spit-15Tyee Spit-16Tyee Spit-17Tyee Spit-18Tyee Spit-19Tyee Spit-20