South of Spokane, the landscape of eastern Washington and neighbouring sections of northern Idaho is known as the Palouse. It is a region of rolling landscapes, small villages and university cities (Pullman and Moscow) well know for its beauty in all seaasons. In these photos from mid May, the yellows, greens and browns predominate. To the west the land becomes flatter and more arid. There are more complete records of the area in the recently added section of my site.
Route 195 farmscapeSteptoe Butte 05 32Steptoe Butte 05 30Steptoe Butte 05 35Steptoe Butte 05 36Steptoe Butte 05 38Steptoe Butte 05 39Along route 195RosaliaNear Rosalia May 17 2016Near Rosalia May 17 2016 1Near Rosalia May 17 2016 2Near Rosalia May 17 2016 3Near Colfax May 17 2016Near Colfax May 17 2016 1Kamiak Butte May 17 2016 1Kamiak Butte May 17 2016 7Indian Paintbrush - Kamiak Butte May 17 2016 10Kamiak Butte May 17 2016 17Kamiak Butte May 17 2016 34