James McRae, Larry Miller, Claudio Fontinato, Doug Gretzinger and Patrick Courtin form the Full House Band that played in Courtenay at the Avalanche. The first 20 photographs are standard shots, but the remaining 8 are abstract creations based on long shutter speeds. Usually one or more players can be identified.
James McRaeClaudio in the darkFull House at Avalanche-27Full House at Avalanche-26Full House at Avalanche-25Full House at Avalanche-24Full House at Avalanche-23James McRae -2Full House at Avalanche-20Full House at Avalanche-19Full House at Avalanche-18Full House at Avalanche-17Larry on tenorJames PlaysFull House at Avalanche-14Full House at Avalanche-13Full House at Avalanche-12Doug GretzingerFull House at Avalanche-10Full House at Avalanche-9