From the Warwick Dahlias farm in Black Creek, BC, on 27 August and 2 September 2013. I used the Photoshop CC oil painting filter for three shots.
Warwick Dahlias 1Warwick Dahlias 2Warwick Dahlias 3Warwick Dahlias 4Warwick Dahlias 5Warwick Dahlias 6Warwick Dahlias 7Warwick Dahlias 8Warwick Dahlias 9Warwick Dahlias 10Warwick Dahlias 11Warwick Dahlias 12Warwick Dahlias 13Warwick Dahlias 14Warwick Dahlias 15Warwick Dahlias 16Warwick Dahlias 17Warwick Dahlias 18Warwick Dahlias 19Warwick Dahlias 23

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