Thanks to Dave Ingram for organizing this trip to the southern Gulf Islands including Saltspring, North Pender and South Pender.
Bricky Bay N. PenderBricky Bay N. Pender 1Bricky Bay N. Pender 2Bricky Bay N. Pender 3Bricky Bay N. Pender 4Bricky Bay N. Pender 5Gowland Point S. PenderGowland Point S. Pender 1Gowland Point S. Pender 2Gowland Point S. Pender 3Roe Islet N. PenderRoe Islet N. Pender 1Roe Islet N. Pender 2Roe Islet N. Pender 3Roe Islet N. Pender 4Roe Islet N. Pender 5Roe Islet N. Pender 7Ruckle Park SaltspringRuckle Park Saltspring 1Ruckle Park Saltspring 2