The Strathcona Little Big Band is not so small - 16 members from the region assembled at the Avalanche on 10 April 2014 for a varied selection of tunes and soloist from all sections of the band. In addition to my usual shots, I decided to take some by keeping the shutter open for longer than usual while moving the camera to the beat of the music.
StrathconaLBB 66JiveStrathconaLBB April 107StrathconaLBB April 102StrathconaLBB April 100Raining MusicMultiple ChordsCould be Jumping at the AvalancheMike SwingsStrathconaLBB April 56Ballad SwayBaritone BreakSaxophone RestingStrathconaLBBStrathconaLBB AprilStrathconaLBBStrathconaLBBStrathconaLBBThe leader on bassPortrait of Bill S