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Jamie Chartrand
Another lovely album from Newcastle Island.
Beautiful pictures and some of them are absolutely amazing by graphic and colors. You are doing the great job Peter!
I truly enjoyed looking at your photography. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
Ernst Vegt(non-registered)
Great photos of the snow on the Riverwalk, Peter. I especially enjoy #10. It's wonderful how snow simplifies the landscape.
I love the photo you took of me. Really outstanding! Thank you...from the woman in the blue hat, next to the great horned owl
Clay Schnurr(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing. Love the cars!
Fran E Martin(non-registered)
Again, a beautiful set of photographs. I love the beautiful colours . Thanks for sharing
Janet Woods(non-registered)
Thanks so much for taking my birthday pictures Peter! A fabulous way for me to remember a special day!
Brian Lynch(non-registered)
Wonderful photos of your visit to Ayrshire, Peter! I particularly like those taken in Alloway which are very, very good!
Clay Schnurr(non-registered)
Thank you for the view of your Ashbury farm album.
I especially like the portrait of Joann.
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