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The Gardens at Anderton hosted Luzna on 24 August in a concert jointly sponsored by the Gardens Therapeutic Society and the Georgia Straight Jazz Society. Luzna is an impressive Comox Valley group that plays a variety of Latin music. The sextet is led by Oscar Robles Diaz (vocals, conga), Britt Bowman (bass); Jim Papp (vocals, timbales, bongo), Kelly Thomas (keyboard), Michael Johnson (trumpet, trombone, guitar, Cuban tres, vocals), and Jake Masri (trumpet, flugelhorn, clave).
Anderton volunteersBill Jorgensen in actionBritt BowmanJake MasriJim PappJohanna and JackieKelly ThomasLuzna AndertonLuzna Anderton 3Luzna Anderton 10Luzna Anderton 14Luzna Anderton 16Luzna Anderton 18Luzna Anderton 19Luzna Anderton 30Luzna Anderton 30-2Luzna Anderton 32Luzna Anderton 37Luzna Anderton 41Luzna Anderton 46