The southern shore, lying south of St. John's, NL, is actually the most easterly coast of North America. The rocky shore is battered by severe weather and ocean storms, although many coves provide shelter for what remains of the fishery and the more recent sea-based tourism. This gallery records my most recent trip to the area including Tors Cove, Witless Bay, Brigus South and Ferryland.
Brigus South-1Brigus South-2Brigus South-3Brigus South-4Brigus South-5Ferryland-1Ferryland-2Ferryland-3Ferryland-4Ferryland-5Ferryland-6Ferryland-7Ferryland-8Ferryland-9Ferryland-10Ferryland-11Tors Cove house black & whiteTors Cove-2Tors Cove-3Tors Cove-4