Zenfolio | PRS Images | Courtenay at Night

It was crisp and clear - cold enough to have frozen fingers while trying to find a shutter speed, aperture and ISO combination that appeared to work. However, it was also a lot of fun to spend this time in downtown Courtenay with CVCC members. I've played with a variety of processing options.
Acting for BillGlitter GaloreBilly D'sI took the camera off the tripod, raised the ISO from 160 to 2000 and took a few more shots to which I applied Topaz DeNoise. I recently got this and it does a great job.Silver Efex 2 Pro, fine art preset with minor tweaking.Switched to 10-24 for the rest of the albumFor this one and most that follow, I used 5 seconds and F9 at ISO 160. ColorEfex 4, dark contrast filter.