James McRae brought new arrangements of Gordon Lightfoot's music to the Avalanche. Most of the arrangements were by James and Nico Rhodes. The band was made up of Jennifer Scott (vocals), Miles Black (keyboard and soprano saxophone), Rene Worst (bass) and Janes McRae (drums).
Lightfoot by McRae and Co 6Lightfoot by McRae and Co 1Double Vision 1James McRaeJennifer ScottMiles BlackRene WorstJennifer ScottRene WorstScott & BlackMiles BlackJames McRaeRene WorstJennifer ScottDouble Vision 2Rene WorstMiles BlackMiles BlackRene WorstJames McRae

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thanks very much peter! i added a link on my website to these pictures. i really appreciate your kindness in taking the pictures and sharing them! and, it was nice to connect with you at the event as well.. cheers james
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