From the Plateau and Latin Quarter be ready for a display of vibrant colour.
Monteal MuralsMonteal Murals-2Monteal Murals-3Monteal Murals-4Monteal Murals-5Monteal Murals-6Monteal Murals-7Monteal Murals-8Monteal Murals-9Monteal Murals-10Monteal Murals-11Monteal Murals-12Monteal Murals-13Monteal Murals-14Monteal Murals-15Monteal Murals-16Monteal Murals-17Monteal Murals-18Monteal Murals-19Monteal Murals-20

Guestbook for Montreal Murals
Some great shots here! I like the angle on number 19, and the way the bike wheels in 8 echo the circles in the mural. 7 is also a favourite. 14 too.
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